Mariana Nobis

Hey there, with more than 15 years of experience working with global and local brands in multiple markets. From account to planner here I'm.



With a degree in advertising and communication I started my career as an account executive in 2005. Since then I've been working for big companies in Brazil and Latin America. In 2010 I joined the JAC Motors team in order to launch the company in Brazil, it was quite a challenge. After that experience I decided to explore projects as freelancer and I found myself in the strategy consultant position. Since 2015 I've been freelancing as a communication strategist for several brands and projects.


Scroll down to see some of my projects.


Antarctica webseries

As the strategy manager of this account I was responsible for the second fase of that campaign, developing the anual planning that provided channel planning, contextual insights for the creative team and keeping up with the objectives of the brand during the whole campaign time.



Breaking the Clutter

For years, Antarctica based its communication on the conventional ad format to connect with its target audience. Antarctica’s communication depicted codes and channels common to the category.
Along with new players entering the market, media consumption habits are also changing. Hence, it became increasingly difficult to stand out.
To regain our shine, we reinvented ourselves, set aside our traditional TVC ad and created the brand’s most interactive campaign, strategically aligning all its channels and boosting engagement.
The effort got an all time record ad recall and recovered the preference among this important trendsetter target.



From TVC to Content Channel

A bold move led us to create a campaign different from everything the brand had ever done. 


So we tackled our challenge acting upon two pillars:

1. Up-to-date topics: we went beyond the category’s common grounds, addressing more current and engaging topics, that connected with the Traditionalists and with Rio de Janeiro’s Zeitgeist.

2. Disruptive format: since “content is king”, our traditional TVC was dethroned, focusing the campaign efforts on social media channels – a decision much more aligned with the modern media consumption habits.

This new comms strategy had no better place to be executed than on digital channels, where our target engages, establishes active conversations with brands and their peers.

The format’s flexibility was such that it was implemented on TV – in form of a trailer, unraveled in episodes, in BTL events, in social networks. The fluidity between on and off-line channels condensed communication, experience and engagement.

A new form to connect with the audience was made, and we needed to defend that territory.



Bringing Content to Life


The first season we met: Guto, Duda, Vavá, Dirce and Marcelão, a group of friends that's always together helping each other out. All stories had a moral that made the audience understand that good things lead to good things.

For the second year we made changes in the cast and we started to tell the story of Mauro, an aspiring waiter who hates Antarctica and especially it’s slogan: "Good things lead to good things". Followed by a clumsy and optimistic beer seller, Mauro rescues a stranger lost in Rio’s Carnival and throughout the plot, the hater learns that good things really do lead to good. The series went on for 2 more seasons and a lot of good things happened.


And since that was the whole year strategy, some insights gave us great ideas for a few branded content and PR campaigns.


A always on strategy with our own youtuber, every week a new video!


To solve a real problem during carnaval, a new way to find a bathroom in the street blocks parties.


To approach even more the samba territory, a project that gave a voice to the music genre.